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NEVA 2015

The International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia

22 - 25 September, St Petersburg, Russia

Since 1991, the NEVA Programmes have continuously supported the accelerating expansion of Russias commercial maritime industries, promoting their development opportunities, products, services, designers and manufacturers, and their cooperation with world-wide shipping and trade. NEVA is proudly supported by decree from the Russian Federation as the premier marine B2B event in Russia, continuing to strengthen ties between the Russian National Shipbuilders and International companies. NEVA 2015 moves to the newly built Expoforum site near Pulkovo Airport to accommodate increasing demand while offering massive opportunity for International participants to benefit from this rapidly growing Commercial Maritime B2B platform.

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The Big Ports & Shipping Event for Russia

October, 2016, St Petersburg, Russia

TRANSTEC 2016 welcomes participants to explore developments in Russian and EurAsian Shipping, Inland and Sea Ports, Port Equipment, Civil Engineering, Safety, Technologies and Maritime Service Industries. The 2016 Exhibition will run the traditional 5-th International Conference on Ports and Shipping with Plenary and Breakdown sessions. The Programme covers strategic linking of sea, river, coastal ports and shipping operation with Russian and EurAsian transport infrastructure. With more than 60% of Russian foreign trade carried by sea transport, the priorities are to increase port capacity, construct new port facilities, develop maritime infrastructure and superstructure in approaches to ports and to develop logistics centers, port hubs presenting the International community with an open door to participate and benefit from these massive redevelopments.

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Russia makes competitive commercial shipbuilding a priority
Russia’s renewed focus on the commercial shipbuilding industry was set as a key aim by Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev in his recent discussions on the development of the sector through 2015. The 2015 impetus on competitive opportunity coincides with the 13th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia – NEVA 2015. This event provides a collaborative, global platform to promote Russia's Commercial Shipbuilding, Ship Equipment and related Maritime industries.
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Dolphin Exhibitions Marks 25 Years Cooperation with Russian Maritime Market at Expoforum Opening
Greetings from Dolphin Exhibitions and Transtec NEVA Exhibitions!
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Strategic Agreement for TRANSTEC cooperation with EXPOFORUM through 2018
On 9 April 2014 the Strategic Agreement for TRANSTEC International Conferences and Exhibitions was signed to continue the promotion of the development of Russian Ports and Shipping through 2018. TRANSTEC will be held in cooperation with the NEVA Exhibitions in accordance with the Decree of the Russian Federation Government №1910-R signed 21 October 2013.
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